Hello and welcome to the Big Smoke

Whether you grew up in this wonderful city or you just moved here, you will find useful tips for Imperial College and London gathered from current and past students. Bear in mind this is a completely subjective compilation of tips, advice and things to see.

If you think we are missing something, just give us a shout and tell us we’ve been complete bunkers for forgetting to add this at: gsu@imperial.ac.uk.

Imperial College

First things first



  1. Imperial College has a Farmer’s market on the South Kensington Campus every Tuesday from 9.00-14.00 on the Queen’s Lawn. Don’t miss it the food is delicious. Only problem: It is really hard to make a choice.
  2. Make use of the campus bars. FiveSixtyEight and h-bar both offer great food for decent prices. The cocktails @ h-bar are great and you get good deals.
  3. If it is late and nothing on campus is open anymore to satiate your hunger, don’t forget that you can get food delivered to campus as well. Chrm *thanks to deliveroo*


  1. Don’t miss the Postgraduate Mingle at the beginning of the year! The friends you make in your first term…you will probably be stuck with them.
  2. Keep in mind that there is a Facebook Group for every postgraduate programme for you to join. This is where pre-term meet ups will be arranged. Keep an eye out for that.
  3. Find one club that interests you and join them. There are so many and you’ll get to know students from other study programmes and faculties.
  4. Run for leadership positions: Whether in a club, the GSU or within your faculty, they are not as much work as you think they are. And they will definitely look good on your CV.



  1. If you’re stuck on campus all day due to group projects, you can get Amazon packages delivered.
  2. For Business School students: Did you know that 5th floor ACEX Building also belongs to the Business School? If you don’t know where that is, have a look at our campus maps.


Tips for London

  • Always carry an umbrella or wear a jacket with a hood. There are so many different types of rain you can’t name them all.
  • Be prepared to walk a LOT. Londoners mainly use public transport so for the daily life so sneakers or boots are the go-to options here.
  • If you are not from a country where the cars drive on “the other side” then use the arrows on the street as a guideline before crossing it, they are helpful if you do not want to get hit by a car.
  • Also stick to the rules of standing on the right and walking on the left for escalators. It actually works here in London.
  • If you are using the tube, try to avoid rush hours. You can really get squeezed in there.
  • If you did not listen to the previous advice, at least try and get onto the tube at the front of the coach so you’ll get a fresh breeze when being surrounded by sweaty people.
  • Currently the best app for the tube is Citymapper. For walking, Google Maps is more accurate.
  • Keep in mind: Check both walking and public transport. Some tube stations are faster to walk to then actually taking the tube (e.g. Leicester Square to Picadilly Circus).
  • If you are planning to walk through a park, keep in mind that they are closing at sundown. And yes Google Maps will still tell you to go through the park.
  • Make use of the night tube. Check the current lines running at night here
  • If you have an important appointment on a strike day, plan for that! All hell will break loose once the tube strikes. Buses are overcrowded, trains will not stop at stations, Uber drivers will be too busy to pick you up etc. Just sayin.
  • If you are planning trips outside of London- Get a railcard! You can get to nearly every part of the country by train and the trips are so much cheaper with a railcard. Also: a good app to book trains is trainline.
  • If you are looking for entertainment in London you’ll find plenty. Most museums are for free so take advantage of that.
  • If you want to get cheap tickets for a musical or theatre play, be flexible and go to a ticket booth on Leicester Square during the week. The shows are a lot more affordable during the week.
  • And whenever you buy something, do not forget to ask for student discount. You’ll be surprised on how many times you will actually get a discount.


This is a list of things that you normally do not find on the typical sightseeing list for London.

If you are looking for that here is a list of the Top 10 attractions in London.

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https://www.feverup.com/ (App)