Dear Prospective Sponsor,

It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to the Imperial College Graduate Students’ Union. Imperial College London is one of the top universities in the world, with over 16000 students and over 60% of these students coming from outside the United Kingdom.

Imperial College Graduate Students’ Union is a constituent union of the Imperial College Union, London; with the mission to promote and enhance the experiences of all the postgraduate students of Imperial College London. One of the largest postgraduate students’ union in London and the United Kingdom, we represent over 8000 students across various branches of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Business. Our newsletters are circulated to all postgraduate students and serve as an important means of communication between staff, administration and students. Over the past few years, our union has been involved in a host of activities to engage the postgraduate population of Imperial in a host of career-advancing and development opportunities; along with opportunities to improve self-development for students.

The Imperial College Graduate Students’ Union strives to ensure that the voices of all the postgraduate students are heard so that they have a wonderful time at Imperial. By providing students with professional improvement resources, academic counselling and opportunities of outreach, our goal is to prepare and edify students for success in industry, academia and research in areas like engineering, management, sciences and entrepreneurship. The union works hard to create an effective bridge between the staff, management and student body; and the postgraduates at Imperial are actively involved with us.

On behalf of the Imperial College Graduate Students’ Union, I invite you to contact us regarding sponsorship. In return for your generosity in terms of investment, we offer publicity of your firm in recognition of your donation, discounted participation in our career fairs, career talks for our students, exhibitions for students and many other benefits. Your support will immensely help our activities to enrich activities of the postgraduate student community at Imperial, filed with budding entrepreneurs, medicine practitioners, top engineers and scientists.

Thank you for your time and contribution,

Ute Thiermann President

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